by King Rest

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released November 9, 2015

King Rest is Chris French (Vocals on 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 Guitar on 7, Toy Piano on 7), Will Foley (Vocals on 2, 6, 7), and Jack Pfiester (Vocals on 2, 3, 4 Guitars, Bass, Recorder, Sequencing, Drum Programming, Mixing, Mastering)

Artwork by Chris French



all rights reserved


King Rest Navarre, Florida

Attention-deficit metal from Florida.

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Track Name: Summoning The Morning Star
Iron throne of the galaxy
Oxide volcanic collapse
The future tense
Of the plague of cosmos

Slavic illumination
The codex of our beloved
Time of the mountains beyond
Weep in a sea of blood

Bringer of the morning light
Venus of the stars beyond
Follow the lines in the desert
Lucifer…. our father

Track Name: The Great Equalizer
Orwellian prophecy
Fulfilled by our complacency
Strategic deprivation of
vital information

The great equalizer
We must become death

Brazenly lie
to better serve their insolence
Decency dies
while they lift their constituents

How can we trust those
who profit to pervade
misinformation and naivete?
A domestic battle is due to be waged
Us and them
For every nothing-man

The great equalizer
We must become death

Emaciated minds
committing the unthinkable
Averting their eyes
Blind to the unspeakable

The great equalizer
We must become death
Track Name: Doomsday Device
Kill 'em all
Global blunderbuss
Wherewithal deeded to dust
Haphazard turn of the key

Rejecting sage advice
Doomsday device

Surprise demise foretold
Lies. Godsized. Twofold

High priestess bathed in light
Reads the last rites

Morals disrobed and defiled
Cadaveric piles
The soothsayer warned us of the fire...

The fallout was all that was left
Showered by soot-ridden rain
All that they built now erodes away
No stone left unturned to set fire to
A lesson to learn from mistakes that we made
May our cursed world give rise to a better one...
Track Name: Binaural Blast Beats
Vibration so visceral
An energy beyond palpable
Aural adrenaline
Brutality in tonality

Music; a bohemian macabre
Communion; a vulgar display of power

Constructively channel your anger
Bang your head or I'll bang it for you


Let me bring your attention to
a dream that's so lucid
a mind less elusive
Counting down every single breath
A synesthetic waltz
The spirit's sniffing salt

Hearing red and tasting light
Pain perceived in shades of white
Tidal sound waves ebb and flow
Moved to tears in stereo

Take note of every wandering thought
then let it leave without you
Frequency attuned to day and night

Banging your own head
Lose it to the next level
Removal from this vessel
Acoustically ascend to a higher consciousness
Blind to waves of ultraviolence
Cast a spell to break the silence

Hair standing on end
The silver cord is pulled so tight
Relativity shed in astral flight
Break on through, my friend
Experience the other side
Dip your toe into the afterlife
Track Name: The Neuromancer
Procedurally generated consciousness
A replication of reptilian indoctrination
as they cannibalize my mechanical side
Our reality conformed by distribution
A cognitive synthesis
Algorithmic digestive memories
Cryogenic wombs sealed in a tomb
A tentacle of time embeds the mind
Exoskeleton controlled by pythons
Hail that I am god just a pixelated blob
My prosthetic arms: wetware made of east European steel
Micron by micron glitching from the nerve splicing neuro toxins
This logic of colorless void choking out by the live wire

Poisonous spiders of the Dark-web
Wheres my botnet?

Interfaced by exosapien haptic controls
My spare parts are hardware obsolete
Cloak encased in bricks of RAM
Jacked into the motherboards of the Metaverse
Erotic software smoking honeypots
Data clouds engulfed by cyberspace of digital currencies
A firewall dream meat prism of human flesh looping forever
A.I. encrypted implants lead by techno lust
Holographic creations beams of red laser light
Reduced to a code
Track Name: Truth, Bloody Truth
Shut up
Sit Down

Now you will submit to the truth you're told
Fortune favors the meek and not the bold

Join in the running of the fools

Free to lose what makes you free

Unified by innocence
Anointed by crimson soaked hands
Track Name: Esoterica
Vestiges of Zep Tepi
Ancient monoliths and tapestries
High bred hybrid daughters of Eve
The royal blood
Esoteric invaders arise!
Crumbling beneath the walls of Valhalla

Moonbeams melt elongated skulls
Ectoplasm dripping from the holes
Serpentine cyborgs of the Shemsu-Hor
Cordyceps implanted by reptilian droids

Up in flames!

Pyramids on Mars and Moon-landing fakes
Crystalline dungeons and Quetzalcoatl snakes

Blood Moon Arise!
The stars align...