by King Rest

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released November 18, 2016

Cover drawing by Christopher Ross French II

King Rest is the metal-centric collaboration of Jack Pfiester, Christopher Ross French II, and Will Foley. Guest vocal by Joel Pfiester on Summer of '16.

Hope you enjoy.

(Minor mix edits updated on November 25th, 2016)



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King Rest Navarre, Florida

Attention-deficit metal from Florida.

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Track Name: Rent-a-Tent
Track Name: Epoch in Disarray
Fuck your allegiance

Altruistic self-sacrifice
Now accepting volunteers

Purge the demiurge
Fashioner of this imperfect terrarium

Reprieve this disease
That which we call man

Rectify this mass hysteria

Frontal lobotomy of Gaia
Fracking of the skull
Mining of the ego
Excavate the null

A synaptic population growing duller by the day
Defiled by our presence
Epoch in disarray

Demented disconnection
Masses for the few

Ecological epilepsy
A disaster we can't unsee
An increasingly nervous Earth
Polluted by human's scourge
Global psychosis
will doom us all
if left unchecked
Track Name: The McGuffin
Slave to the grind
Yet the only true wage of worth is time
Chomping at the bit
Baited by carrot and stick
Forgetting that life isn't infinite

Dig 'til you're dead
or get it while the getting is good
The dollar's a means to an end
Don't you forget

Seek the mcguffin
so that your existence makes sense
Impaled by the white picket fence
The only legitimate wealth is good health
and cranking good tunes with buddies and belles

Dig 'til you're dead
or get it while the getting is good
The dollar's a means to an end
Don't you forget
Track Name: Baal's Canticle
Goat lord of destruction
supping on Saturn's breast
Brought to life in nine months
Immediate execution

Conjuring the portal of Baal
Sacrificial lamb cast asunder

Feeding on the limbs of the first born

Seeker of the unholy grail
Appetite for blood and for thunder

Hell hath no fury like infants scorned

Obedient slit
If you truly submit
Tear out your tongue
From the peak to the pit

Children of the damned and the dead
Split open your worm rotted head

Horns of the moon
Harvesting souls
Demons of flesh
Banished to bone
Satanic pyres
Incense and spells
Primordial swamp
Crippled and frail
Worship the stars
Worship the dead
For I am your GOD
Now that I'm fed
Track Name: Nexus of Infinity
What if hell
is a place you could go to?
Just beyond the edge of the universe
Somewhere within the next

Once space time
is traversible
Einstein-Rosen bridge
Over the river Styx
Upside-down crucifix
Storm the gates and set free only the upstanding sinners

The Gloved One and Mork
to name but a few
Serving a sentence unjust
Escorted faster than light

Time counter-clockwise
If we can get to Hell
then we can get to Paradise
Wormhole to Utopia

Breaching the event horizon
Nexus of infinity
Limbs stretched unrecognizably
The pearly gates slam shut on your face

What a way to go out...
Track Name: Bizarre Narcissism
Odd narcissism
At the center of dreamt up attention
Apocryphal eyes are watching you

Vivid fiction of the auto-masochist
Flagellating your back bone
Agoraphobic spells eased by shrooms

Crippled by the weight to hideaway
Turn on, Tune in, Drop out
Reset your mind so it serves you

Rid the walls of the flies
Track Name: The Mystic's Seizure
Welcome to the nightmare that you can't awake
Your body's frozen in this toxic sleep
I cast my spell upon your sheeple skin
Trapped in the void along with your yawning grin

Colors and shapes you see me hiss
Seizing Mystic
Trance induced by putrid piss
Napalm forest

Your body left to rot in the boiling sun
Bit you twice and now my time is done
My spawn now feeds upon your arms and legs
Like a lizard of the desert sand

The fever dream's begun
Viper venom
Your wretched soul's reborn
Fire ants they swarm
Track Name: Pillars of Thoth
Effigies of the Dead
Entombed in this sarcophagus
Breathe in the fire of the infinite all
Vibrations of hallucinations
Spawns of a lower star
All hail the Master
The dweller of death
Deep within the Earth's core
Drink from the fountains of youth
In the caves of the desert
The darkness beneath the temple
Letting in the death of the night
Obey the sons of the Master
The Pillars of Thoth
Track Name: Summer of '16
Road trip for the Cure
Taken out to the ball game
That second Irish Wake
What a mistake

Another summer for the books

"We still have half a tank now"
"Dude, you're bein' bad!"
"Where's the rain at?
I don't see no rain"
"That boy got the bubble guts"
Track Name: Earth Mother (Save Her)
Living in the nick of time
Tail-end of history
Just to open up your eyes
To exist is seeing God

Green anarchy

To love and to laugh
To calculate the tricky math
To mourn a great loss
You're lucky to have ever had

Yet we smother our Earth Mother

Heaven is under our feet as well as overhead

Maxing out at about 10 billion
Blood suckers deplete
Sharing a world we don't deserve
Look at the damage we've done

Save her
Kill yourself

Save her
Kill yourself

Kill her?
Save yourself?

Save her
Kill yourself
Track Name: Amduat
Lucifer open the door
Faith in nothing
Enter the core
No escape
Death of the void
Fear nothing
Suffer some more
Rivers of blood
In the castle of pain

Sins oozing out of the tortured souls of the wicked
Fear of damnation entombed in the necropolis

Big bang set in motion by God's self destruction
The coming and going of life as we know it again

Rise up on fire
the plagues of the earth
Toxic incineration
Hail to the fire the void of the earth
Beneath the walls of salvation

In the castle of pain
Track Name: Cottage Thirteen / Thanks
We all are dirt
Within the Earth
First word is fake
Off of our heads
Liberate the addict
Therapeutic trip
Warping of the mind
to find the answer


I'm feeling wide awake now
How can I sleep past a wink
when all Hell is due to break out
and we've only ourselves to thank?
Track Name: Insecticide Ritual
Human teleportation
Molecular deformation
Breakdown of constellation time

I am the servant of the brundlefly
Trapped on the wax and I begin to die

Death is only a transition for awhile
I am the mirror now jump through it

I am the beetlebugs
Bow to Beelzebub

The great deceiver
The dragon
The beast of life

I Am the bio-exorcist
The lord of flies

I am an insect that dreamt he was a man
But now that dream is over and I'm dead
Track Name: Delirium of Negation
Everyone's gone
Allies reduced to ash
Gathered in a vase
Cotard's delusion has killed again

Self-validating reduction by the idiot box
This scrambled reception...
Corpses walking

Carcass roams
Mindless drone
So nonplussed
by existence
Track Name: The Exorcism of Christmas Yet to Come
A yuletide season spent alone
further serves as fodder for the misanthrope
to spout his hatred
as he has his whole life
spitting venom and dragging down souls

What if his ivory tower cracks
and plummets in his pool of cash?
Has the wealth he's managed to amass
brought a single shred of happiness
or spared him from an ounce of woe?

I don't believe it has
Save for the comforts that it grants
He's penniless in bliss
May he beg for redemption of the ghastly hand
To salvage what is left
of this morally bereft
empty, broken man

"No specter that I've met have I ever feared more"